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  • 0 Megawatt Pizza and Steak x Build Plus

    • Reviews
    • by Alyssa Tuangco
    • 09/22/2019

    Who would have thought that having two entirely different hobbies could make it into one place? As some of you have heard, Megawatt finally opened their branch at Banawe where it's partnered with Build Plus! For all the Father out there whose hobby is collecting or buying stuff for DIY, you can now bring your whole family and dine while you buy!Megawatt Pizza and Steak is one of the best places to dine with your family and friends or even friends who are on KETO diet! Yup, you hear it right they also cater to those who are on Keto Diet or if you just want to try it out you too can have a go. They are currently located at 686 Banawe Street beside China Bank and in front of Maki Haus. The place has two floors, Megawatt is located on the first floor.     There are limited tables so make sure to come by early to score one. Let's check out their menu! RIGHT: MANGO AND SAKURA LICK ICED TEA Let's start off with their drinks, they have a variety of Lick Iced Tea and the ones we have is the Mango and Sakura. It is actually their best seller here. I recommend the Mango flavor, it has a subtle sweetness to it and taste the richness of the mango. By the way, if you are looking for it in the market I think they sell this one in Trinoma. It's only limited in groceries. HAND-TOSSED SMOKEHOUSE BBQ - 349PHP When I say a pizza is good, I really mean it. Their hand-tossed pizza is one of the best I've tasted so far! With regards to the dough, you can taste how full and thick it is unlike others where it's airy. With one slice I can say it already made me full! The sauce and toppings are also good, smokey and a little bit spicy. It consists of BBQ pulled-pork with red onions and red sauce. You can also let them know if you'd like to have keto pizza so hey can change their dough. CRUNCHY FRIED LASAGNA - 285PHP Three-layered crispy lasagna! This may look like a regular lasagna to you, but it will make you full. They give so much generosity when it comes to ingredients and portions. The lasagna even if you don't touch it after 30 minutes of serving is still good and it doesn't get soggy. It tastes a bit sweet and the sauce is heavenly. There's a generous amount of meat with the sauce. BACON BOMBS (KETO) -238PHP If you are looking for a worthy bacon bomb, then you need to visit now! I know it's just cheese and bacon, but have you seen how big this is?! For 238 pesos there are, I think, 8-9pcs of bacon bomb! Enjoy it while it's hot! 600G AGED PORTERHOUSE - 2995PHP If you want a little "Boujee" pulutan with your friends, then this aged porterhouse fits you. They have 2 types you can choose from, rub your own, or pre-seasoned. For the rub your own you can either choose honey garlic or Mediterranean spiced.Meat to choose from:- Kagoshima Steak Skewers- Tomahawk Porkchops- Meltique Steak- 380g USDA Choice Grade Rib-Eye- 600g aged porterhouseFor the pre-seasoned here are the meat options:- Smoked Duck Steak- Baby Back Ribs- 600g Aged Porterhouse with Truffle Sea SaltPersonally, this one did not give a wow factor, the meat is also a little dry. Although I liked it when it's paired with their own sauce, which is also keto-friendly. The meat on top was crunchy, maybe if they add a little more seasoning it would be great. 2PC MEGAWATT HOUSE FRIED CHICKEN - 245PHP Their house fried chicken is the bomb! It's a fillet and I must say I did enjoy the taste and seasoning. It has that pungent smell and kick to it. I'm not sure how many spices they added in here but it's like a party in your mouth. You can also pair it with a side or two. LEFT: SUNNY SIDE BACON ON CRUST - 273PHP, RIGHT: CRAB TOMALLEY OVER SHIRATAKI NOODLES - 358PHP Aside from the regular pizza, they also have a Croizza which is a croissant pizza. We had the sunny side bacon on crust where the yolk is cooked but the egg white around it is still half-cooked. You can enjoy this as a snack!On the right side is the one I'm curious about. I saw other diners here try this pasta and at first, I thought it was a cheese pasta but it's actually a crab tomalley noodles! This one is their only keto pasta where they used Shirataki noodles. I have really no idea about the texture of the noodles but I was ready to dig in. If you are wondering what it tastes like, your tastebuds will immediately taste the crab sauce as it is rich. However, it needed a little more seasoning just for me. A little dash of salt and pepper will do it right. Now for the noodles, it's texture is like jelly and I did have a little bit of a hard time chewing it, but it eventually grew on me. CLASSIC BIG ANGUS SLIDER (KETO) - 285PHP Another good thing about Megawatt is they cater to people who are on Keto diet. They have regular burgers here but if you want to change to Keto you can add 49 pesos and they will serve the burger with lettuce wrap and keto fries. I actually liked the flavor and ingredients they have here. The burger patty is thick, however a tad dry.   I really do recommend Megawatt to families and friends. They serve dishes that are worth trying and worth the price.    OverallFood - *clap clap clap for Megawatt. I liked most of what they served and everything tasted good! My top picks would be the pizza, bacon bomb, lasagna, and chicken. Price - If you think about how generous the servings are then the price is justified. As for an average person like me (kuripot pa), I might dine here maybe once a month or every 2 months. Serving - Hands down, they are generous with the ingredients!!!Ambiance - The branding is on point, everything you see from the menu to the staff's uniform is related to build plus and megawatt. I liked the idea of the place and it's chill here.Parking - You might think it's hard to find a parking space but good thing they have 4 slots available in front.   Megawatt Pizza and Steak 686 Banawe Street Quezon City   Hours: Open daily from 11am - 11pm   Website: Facebook: Instagram:

  • 0 Megawatt @Build+ : The Best Steak cum Hardware Shop in Banawe! (Keto-Friendly!)

    • Reviews
    • by Our Awesome Planet
    • 08/27/2019

    Megawatt, integrated inside the Build+ hardware store in Banawe, is an industrial solar panel-themed restaurant specializing in steak and keto-friendly meals. It’s such a cool manly concept that’s really handy when you need to eat and look for some hardware stuff for the house or cleaning materials for the car. Here are some tips to have an awesome experience at Megawatt… Megawatt Pizza & Steak686 Banawe Street, Quezon City, PhilippinesOperating Hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pmEmail: megawattph@gmail.comTelephone: +63 917 182 7583Facebook:     First Things First

    0 One-stop shop and Dine concept + Keto Meals around Banawe! SAY WHAT? Megawatt

    • Reviews
    • by Explore with Chelo PH
    • 08/09/2019

    One-stop shop and Dine concept + Keto Meals around Banawe! SAY WHAT? Megawatt 

  • 0 Megawatt: Keto-Friendly Comfort Food in Banawe (QC)

    We were served an electrifying feast at Megawatt Banawe, a powerplant-themed resto in Quezon City which doubles as a hardware store selling ING-Co products. Megawatt Banawe QC Megawatt fully supports keto, serving comfort food with minimal carb content like the cheesy Bacon Bombs, beefy Keto Burger in lettuce wrap, Keto Fries made with almond and cheese, juicy Steaks/Chops and Ribs! My personal faves were the Crab Tomalley Shiritaki Noodles and the Bacon Sunny Side Croizza (croissant pizza/flatbread)! Megawatt Banawe QC Bacon Bombs (PHP 238) Bacon Bombs Sunny Side Bacon Croizza (PHP 273) Flaky, cheesy, oozing. Sunny Side Bacon Croizza Megawatt Smokehouse BBQ Pizza (PHP 349) Smoked BBQ pulled pork, red onions, red sauce. 12-inch hand-tossed crust. Megawatt Smokehouse BBQ Pizza Crab Tomalley over Shiritaki Noodles (PHP 358) Crab fat on Japanese konjac yam noodles. Crab Tomalley Over Shiritake Noodles Pesto Provolone Burger (PHP 365) Upgraded to Keto (+PHP 49) with lettuce wrap and Keto Fries. Keto Burger with Keto Fries Tomahawk Pork Chop (PHP 498) Served with mushroom gravy. Well-spiced and marinated. Tomahawk Megawatt House Fried Chicken (PHP 245) Sprinkled with with curry powder and other spices. Served with waffles. Megawatt House Fried Chicken and Waffles Location: 686 Banawe Street, Banawe, Quezon City 1101, PhilippinesOperating Hours: 11 AM to 11 PM DailyContact Number: (+63 917) 182-7583 / (+63 2) 971-0389 Full article at Copyrights reserved to konyoqueen


    • Reviews
    • by HungryTravelDuo
    • 08/08/2019

    Keto-friendly options and delicious dishes can be found in Megawatt Pizza & Steak. The restaurant is part of the Build Plus hardware store and has a unique theme that has gathered the attention of many foodies like me. THE LOCATION Megawatt Pizza & Steak is located at 686 Banawe Street in Banawe Quezon City. It can be hard to spot it since it is part of the hardware store, so just keep an eye for Build Plus hardware store in front of North Park. They have a large banner of Ingco in front that you can easily spot. Megawatt Pizza and Steak The restaurant is open from 11 AM to 11 PM. The parking lot in front can only accommodate a small number of cars, so it can be hard to park during the peak hours of lunch and supper. For more information, you can contact them in these numbers: +63.917.182.7583 and +632.971.0389. THE AMBIANCE The place simply screams fun with the decorations. They have a wall display of their limited edition collections like Marvel figures. The tables are like solar panels on the top and the pipes serve as legs for it. On each table, they have a tablet placed on the side where you can electronically order.   THE FOOD AND PRICE The Megawatt is an advocate for eating delicious and healthy by making Keto options available on their menu. Warm-ups The warm-ups include Seafood Cheese Balls (Php 238), Buffalo Chicken Caesar Salad (Php 285 for solo; Php 499 for sharing), Nachos (Php255), and Chicken Poppers (Php 168). For Keto, you can choose between Bacon Bombs (Php 238) and Keto Fries (Php 185).   Burgers For the burgers, they have the Classic Big Angus Slider (Php 285), Pesto Provolone (Php 365), and Gorgonzola Slider (Php 345). For an upgrade to Keto Fries and Lettuce wrap, you only need to add Php 49. There is an option for Chimichurri sauce and Blue Cheese sauce for Php 45.   Ribs, Rubs & Steaks (Php 318 – Php 3,225) Choose between rubbing your own meat or having it pre-seasoned. There are a lot of options in this section. An order of one dish is accompanied with one side dish.   Chicken Choose among three options of chicken which are Cheesy Chicken Toast (Php 195), 2 pieces Megawatt House Fried Chicken (Php 245), or 6 pieces of it (Php 595). This includes one side dish.   Pasta They have Crrrrunchy Fried Lasagna (Php 285), Truffled Carbonara (Php 325), and the Keto option of Carb Tomalley over Shirataki Noodles (Php 358).   Pizza (Php 273 – Php 549) You can choose among their Cracker Thin, Hand-Tossed, and Croizza pizza. The Cracker Thin and Hand-Tossed are 12 inches in diameter while the Croizza pizza is 10 inches in length and 5 inches in width. Each comes with a variety of choices in toppings.   Side- Kicks (Php 89) You can choose among Cilantro Rice, Plain Rice, Coleslaw, Waffle, Mashed Potato, Cheese n’ Corn, and Wild ‘shrooms over wine sauce. The Coleslaw and Wild ‘shrooms over wine sauce are the Keto options for Side-Kicks.   Desserts They have Frosted Mango Cake that costs Php 85 per slice and Php 1,350 for the whole cake. Their Keto option for desserts is Strawberry or Blueberry Panna Cotta for Php 220.   Beverages (Php 45 – Php 185) Beverage can be water, coffee, Lick bottled drinks, soda, or beer. They have the Bulletproof Coffee for their Keto option.   Secret Menu It’s funny to find a secret menu. The secret menu includes Duo Chicken Tots (Php 495), Ultimate Meat Planner (Php 695), Pepperoni Pizza Burger (Php 385), and Chicharon Bulaklak (Php 315). Among the four options, the Chicharon Bulaklak is actually their Keto option. If you visit Megawatt, make sure to try these dishes because they are only available from June 14, 2019, to March 24, 2021.     THE FOOD THAT WE TRIED When you are in a new place with an amazing concept and a great size of options for food, then it can be hard to hold back from ordering everything that catches our fancy. And this really applies to me and my friends. Bacon Bombs (Php 238)   Bacon Bombs I love these cheesy Bacon Bombs. Everyone in our table loved it that it is immediately an empty container in seconds. In my opinion, Bacon and Cheese are one of the best food inventions, and combining the two is a great delight for the tongue.   Megawatt House Fried Chicken (Php 245) The spices on the chicken turned it to a fun dish. I could taste some curry on it. It is also really crispy and the meat is so tender. This is just the combination I want for my chicken.   Classic Big Angus Slider upgraded to Keto (Php 285 + Php 49) Upgraded to Keto means there are no buns, instead there is more lettuce to wrap the burger in. The Angus beef is really juicy and as a whole, the meal is rich in flavors.   Crab Tomalley Over Shirataki Noodles (Php 358) The noodles are made of konjac yam and the toppings are crab fat. This tastes a bit strange on the first bite but once you’re used to its unique taste, it actually tastes good.   Tomahawk Pork Chops (Php 498) The Tomahawk Pork Chops are under their Ribs, Rubs, & Steaks menu. It can be rubbed in Honey Garlic or Mediterranean Spice, depending on your preference. This one is really juicy and the taste of this meat is really delicious. The serving size is also good for sharing.   Sunny Side Bacon Croizza (Php 273) It may look like your typical breakfast but this one oozes with cheese and the taste is really amazing.   If you are unable to visit Megawatt, you can order their food from GrabFood, Angkas, and other food delivery services. Also, if you have a pet, the place is pet-friendly, you can enjoy your food with the company of your pet. Full article at Copyrights reserved to HungryTravelDuo

  • 0 Get Charged Up At Megawatt Pizza & Steak

    • Reviews
    • by Kristian Marfori
    • 07/31/2019

    I have been craving for some American food. You can’t blame me since I lived in Arizona and I love some good old American food every once in a while. We have a lot of engineers from my dad side of the family and they love to eat good food while shopping for tools. Back in the states, got Home Depot and I’m looking for a spot similar to that. Megawatt Pizza & Steak is the perfect joint to actually look for all your handyman tools at the same time and get some good Tex-Mex food at the same time. This homegrown restaurant, I have to talk about some of their best food dishes and it’s quite epic. Volt-Meater PizzaThis is what I recommend everyone to try! I love pizza but this pizza is indescribable! I think I found this pizza much more delicious than all the Pizza joints in Manila combined! A MUST TRY! It just cost around P385 Tomahawks Pork Chops Just the name of this food already started to make me crave for it. The pork chop is soft and juicy! Trust me guys. You will order more than one Tomahawk! This cost just P498. Totally worth it! Bacon Bombs Just like the name says. It’s the bomb! I won’t get into the details but give it a try for P238 Sunny Side Bacon on Crust The perfect meal for breakfast or brunch! It’s one of their bestsellers. It gets you in a good mood before you start your day. This cost P280 Megawatt House Fried ChickenThey also got their own chicken! It’s just P245 Classic Big Angus Slider Check out this slider! You just need to add P49 for Keto Fries and Lettuce wrap The Megawatt Meal!Let’s take a look at the store! It’s great t for some Instagrammable shots. From the moment you enter the restaurant, you just can’t stop taking photos or videos! Look out for this sign! Entrance to Megawatt Where the magic happens I love this door! Some of the handyman tools that you can buy Let’s get to work fellas! The place looks great! Newfound friends Megawatt Pizza & Steak Address:  686 Banawe Street (14.69 mi) Quezon City, Philippines 1114 Parking Available: Yes but just a few Customer Service: Really good! WiFi: N/A Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 11AM-11PM Mobile Signal: Good! Pets Allowed: Yes Smoking: Outside the Restaurant Bathrooms: Inside the Resturant Facebook: Megwatt Pizza & Steak Full article at Copyrights reserved to Kristian Marfori

  • 0 Do you tend to cram all errands in one day just like us?

    • Reviews
    • by Smol Girl x Big Noms
    • 07/31/2019

    Do you tend to cram all errands in one day just like us? 


    To all my girlfriends out there who need to tag along to their jowas/hubbas for car/hardware duties in Banawe, there’s a new build, shop and dine place in the area that you’ll both enjoy. You can let your man shop for his tools and products while dining on something good in the same roof. Who says that a hardware shop needs to be boring? Megawatt in Banawe, Quezon City sure didn’t. MEGAWATT – PIZZA AND STEAK Megawatt is the in-house powerplant themed dining concept of a hardware shop named BuildPlus+. As you enter the automatic sliding door, you’ll be greeted by yellow hardware tools hanging around. Don’t be intimidated by it, just walk across them and in the other half of the place is the dining area with solar panel themed tables. If you or your man is a fan of marvel (just like mine), he’ll sure have sparkly eyes when he see the Marvel collectible figures around (just like mine). They offer heavy meals like steak, pizza and burgers so prepare your tummies for some action. Set aside your salad – milkshake – cute food-loving self since if you’re bringing your guy here, we are talking of satisfying good heavy food. So embrace that food baby because here it come! Our personal favourites will be: Tomahawk Pork Chops (P498), Sunny Side Bacon Croizza (P273), Crunchy Fried Lasagna (P285) and Chicharong Bulaklak (P280 / who wouldn’t even want this?) Tomahawk Pork Chops with Cilantro rice (P498) Crunchy Fried Lasagna (P285) Sunny Side Up Bacon Croizza (P273) Chicharong Bulaklak (P280) If you’re a pizza lover, you can choose on their three pizza choices: cracker thin, hand-tossed and croizza (croissant + pizza). We prefer the hand tossed than thin crust but we personally love the croizza because it is something new to us and we never expected it to be so good. It is worth a try. Garlic Seafood Hand Tossed Pizza (P325) Pepperoni Cracker Thin Pizza (P312) And they also cater new cute drinks. It was our first time to hear about this Lick (given that I’m a fruit drink lover myself) and this Chupa Chups sodas too! They also have beers for the guys who wanted to unwind after a stressful errand day. SSHHHHH, A SECRET MENU? Megawatt is somehow playful too. I was wondering what was the writing in the edge of their table all about was. Turned out, it’s a secret menu! I love my detective instincts. The ultimate meat platter (burger steak + ribs + chicken) is surely a protein loaded meal. The burger is my favourite among the three. The ribs would have top it but I’m not really into spicy (semi spicy as per boyfriend). And of course, the chicharong bulaklak is heaven-sent. Anyway, if you’re under Keto diet, no worries since they offer a keto upgrade on some of their meals. Just ask for it!Ultimate Meat Platter (P695) SO LET’S TALK ABOUT BUILDPLUS+ BuildPlus+ is a retail hub that operates as a one-stop shop for different arrays of items ranging from quality tools, lighting fixtures & accessories to car care necessities and kitchen & homeware products. They are the official concept store in the area of INGCO brand of Power Tools & Equipment that they carry the complete line of products of it. On the second floor of their shop lies more of your hardware needs. PaintsLighting fixturesKitchenwaresCarwash needs and car accessories Another plus point about BuildPlus+ is that they’re not pricier compared to your local hardware shops despite being fancy. They also have technicals (in blue overalls) around that you can ask if some things are confusing you. IF YOU’RE SOLD TO GO, HERE ARE ALL THEIR DETAILS Menu:       How to go there: Megawatt is in Waze! Megawatt – Pizza & Steak Keto-friendly & pet-friendlyOpens daily, 11AM – 11PM686 Banawe Street bray. Siena, Quezon / 0917182-7583FB: Full article at Copyrights reserved to Wander B

  • 0 First Bite: Megawatt

    • Reviews
    • by What Mary Loves
    • 07/25/2019

    I can't help be skeptical whenever a place seems to be too trendy or different. I'd always imagine Instagram-worthy food and it pretty much ends there. As more and more restaurants focus on feeding our social media accounts, most fail to realize that it is more important to satisfy the taste buds than garner a lot of likes. After all, those unforgettable first bites are what will make people go back for more. And I was glad that Megawatt did just that. Hello, Megawatt.  Megawatt has this industrial chic vibe all over. It was first located by a car wash garage and eventually moved to Build Plus where it shares space with a hardware shop. It may seem odd but it also felt right.  I wasn't able to check out the tablets attached to each table that looked like solar panels but I'm assuming that those have something to do with the menu or something.  For starters, we had Bacon Bombs (PHP238). This is best enjoyed hot so that you get to enjoy the cheese oozing out of the crispbacon wrap after one bite. I love how the saltiness of the bacon was muted by the cheese. It was flavorful yet light, apt as an appetizer.  I also enjoyed the bowl of  Crab Tomalley Over Shirataki Noodles (PHP358) which had a snappy texture from the Japanese konjac yam noodles. It also balanced out the richness of the creamy crab fat sauce.  Strong aroma filled the room when the plate of Megawatt House Fried Chicken (PHP245, 2 pieces with 1 side or add PHP89 for an additional side dish) was served. I was a bit worried with this one as it had that Mediterranean and Indian like smell which I'm not very fond of. But this one had zero taste of curry. It just confused my sense of smell as my taste buds were very happy with this flavorful dish. Crispy on the inside and very juicy on the inside. Some parts though tend to be overly battered. I do hope that they lessen the batter to put more spotlight on the beautiful white meat.  Megawatt's Classic Big Angus Slider (PHP285 + PHP45 for sauce with choice of bleu cheese or chimichurri) also did not disappoint. Keto lovers would love that there's an upgrade option where you can have Keto fries made with mozzarella, ground almonds with cajun seasoning and lettuce wrap for just PHP49!   The thick patty was undeniably beefy and chunky. Though slicing through it made me think that it was slightly tough, it was rather tender once you pop a piece in your mouth. I highly recommend that you grab one of the two sauces as the patty tends to be on the dry side if eaten without sauce. Or you can always go with ketchup! Megawatt is proud of its Croizza, a marriage between croissant and pizza. We got to try its Sunny Side Bacon on Crust (PHP273) and it was indeed pretty good. Do not let its flat look make you think that this is light on the tummy as it was very filling. We made it wait a tad too long though so we were not able to enjoy the lovely crunch of the layered flakes. Best share an order as the buttery taste of this dish could be overwhelming and cloying. If you're visiting with a group in tow, grab one of its hand tossed pizzas! We tried Megawatt Smokehouse BBQ (PHP349) and I found it bang for the buck. The size of the pizza was bigger than the ones you'd get from more commercialized pizza chains and it had more toppings too! And if you like savory with a tinge of sweet notes, then this Smokehouse BBQ pizza is for you. Its Tomahawk Pork Chop (PHP498 with one side) also tickled me pink with its clean flavors! I loved how the simple spices it cooked with put more emphasis on the fresh tomahawk. Expect the serving to be a bit small but good for sharing if you plan to order more dishes. And if you're a fan of Lick Iced Tea, then you'll be happy here as Megawatt offers it and even the new Sakura variant! A bottle costs PHP138 which is slightly cheaper compared to other outlets.  I came expecting nothing spectacular at Megawatt but left with a happy tummy. I'll be back to try the other dishes! Megawatt is located at 686 Banawe Street, Banawe, Quezon City. Full article at Copyrights reserved to What Mary Loves


    • Reviews
    • by Takaw Tikim
    • 07/24/2019

    BuildPlus+ is a build, shop & dine concept that offers the everyday and professional home & kitchen improvers who are looking for a unique & value for money construction & kitchen tool store, BuildPlus+ is the only retail hub that operates as a one-stop-shop for different arrays of items ranging from quality tools, lighting fixtures & accessories to car care necessities and kitchen & homeware products. Under the same roof is our concept dining store: Megawatt – Pizza & Steak, a powerplant inspired restaurant that offers succulent steaks as well as awesome pizzas, burgers, chickens and more! They are also offering our diners an option to have a Keto upgrade on select meals and a special Keto-selection on the menu, such as the Crab Tomalley Shirataki Noodleswhere the noodles are made from Japanese konjac yam! And oh, did I mention that they are pet-friendly? Yep, they’d love to see your fur-babies as well during your visit!    Nacho Ordinary Nachos Chicken Poppers (Parmesan). Their hot and crispy, popping and crackling Chicken Poppers!  Chicharon Bulaklak. Deep fried pig intestine. Crab Tomalley over Shirataki Noodles Megawatt House Fried Chicken w/ Waffle Tomahawk Pork Chops w/ Cilantro Rice Classic Big Angus Slider (Upgraded to Keto) Garlic Trio Pizza Pepperoni Pizza Sunny Side Bacon on Crust Croizza Lick Iced Tea & Lick Island Mango Chupa Chups Drink   Full article at rights reserved to Takaw Tikim