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  • 0 Megawatt & Build Plus+: Build, Shop, and Dine

    • Reviews
    • by Teybolforwan
    • 07/23/2019

    Build Plus+ is an industrial themed hardware store in Banawe where you can build, shop, and afterwards dine in if you get hungry or just want to eat steak or pizza.  Yes, they have a restaurant inside the hardware store called Megawatt. They sell more than just tools from small construction equipment, cleaning materials for your car, lighting fixtures and kitchen tools. The store was inspired by a power plant in Mindanao, decorating it with steel-heavy décor, lighting fixtures lining the ceilings and solar panel-inspired tables. They also have solar panels which were used as spotlight outside the store since they wanted to promote its use and conserve energy. The entrance of the store was a bit intimidating at first (especially for those who will not buy any equipment) because it looks like a hardware from the outside. You will be welcomed by a lot of tools upon entering the store (we were like, is this the restaurant?). But on the other side of it was a welcoming staff, a pet, and a keto-friendly restaurant. The dining area was a bit small but spacious enough to accommodate their customers. You can also bring your pet but don’t forget to be mindful of the other customers – always clean up after your dog. They have a lot of options from pizza, steak, fries, chicken, pasta, burgers, and a lot more! Ambiance: 5/5Service: 5/5Value for Money: 4/5Overall Rating: 4/5 Overall, the place was nice and its concept was something new. The place is perfect for all — housebuilders, family lunch out or dinner, dates or for a “teybolforwan”. Location: 686 Banawe St., Brgy. Siena, Quezon CityStore Hours:  9:00 AM to 11:00 PMContact Details: 09171827583Facebook Page:  MegawattInstagram: Full article at reserved to Teybolforwan

  • 0 Megawatt: Steaks and Pizza

    • Reviews
    • by Teybolforwan
    • 07/23/2019

    If you are looking for a place to eat in Quezon City, Banawe is definitely one of the places that you should look into. However, most of the restaurants located in the area focuses on Chinese cuisine that’s why we are glad that Megawatt is finally here! Megawatt’s concept was inspired by the owner’s former store, Tex-Mex Pizza in N. Domingo (which was now closed). Aside from the Tex-Mex’ original menu, they have decided to add ribs, steaks, and pizza. Aside from that have keto-friendly options which include Bacon Bombs, Keto Fries, and Keto Burger to name a few. What I love about this restaurant was the variety in their menu which was not overwhelming and just enough to give everyone an option. For starters, they have Bacon Bombs, Keto Fries, Seafood Cheese Balls, Buffalo Chicken Caesar Salad, Nachos, and Chicken Poppers. We were able to try their Bacon Bombs which is one of their bestsellers. Complimentary Peanuts Bacon Bombs – deep-fried mozzarella cheese covered with perfectly crisp bacon on the outside. Can you imagine it? I just can’t stop munching on these! Price: Php 238Table for: 2 to 3Food Rating: 5/5 For their burgers, they have the regular option or you can do a keto upgrade by adding Php 49. Big Angus Keto Burger – juicy and tasty burger cooked medium and served with lettuce and perfectly crisp fries. And if you want more sauce, you can add chimichurri or blue cheese for just Php 45. Price: Php 285 + Php 49 for keto upgradeTable for: 2 to 3Food Rating: 5/5 Garlic Seafood Pizza – 12 inches hand-tossed garlic pizza dough with shrimp, scallop, and squid on white sauce. The pizza was garlicky and delicious however, we wanted it to have more toppings spread out evenly since the crust was thick. Price: Php 325Table for: 4 to 5Food Rating: 3.5/5 Sunny Side Bacon on Crust – loves croissant and pizza? Why not have both in one! The 10 inch (length) x 5 inch (width) flaky croissant is topped with a sunny-side-up egg, and bacon. No more wasted end crust! Price: Php 273Table for: 2 to 3Food Rating: 5/5 For the main course, we were able to try Megawatt’s House Fried Chicken, Meltique Steak and Aged Porterhouse. Megawatt House Fried Chicken – we were able to try their 2 pc. chicken and waffle combo which was definitely good. For their chicken, you have 3 options — the Cheesy Chicken Toast, 2 pieces or 6 pieces Megawatt Fried Chicken plus you can choose one side-kick — cilantro rice, plain rice, coleslaw, waffle, mashed potato, cheese n’ corn, and wild ‘shrooms over wine sauce. And if one side-kick is not enough, you can add Php 89 for more. Price: Php 245Table for: 1Food Rating: 4/5 Meltique Steak – served with your choice of side-kick – cilantro rice, mashed potato, waffle, plain rice, or cheese n’ corn. Wanna know a secret? They serve UNLIMITED GRAVY! Price: Php 625Table for: 1Food Rating: 4/5 Aged Porterhouse – a premium cut of steak seasoned and grilled to perfection. For additional excitement, you can have it torched in front of you. Yum! Btw, I really love their mashed potato and gravy. Price: Php 2,995Table for: 3 to 4Food Rating: 4/5 For drinks, they have soda, coke cherry, Lick Iced Tea (which is one of my favorite drinks), coffee and alcoholic beverages. Overall, we love their steaks (though, it is, of course, pricey), Bacon Bombs, Croissant Pizza, and the Big Angus Keto Burger! Disclaimer: We’re invited to taste their food but this review was written with my honest opinion. Full article at reserved to Teybolforwan

  • 0 Megawatt Pizza and steak

    • Reviews
    • by Kelly Biasong
    • 07/22/2019

      Sa mga tatay na mahilig tumambay sa hardware at sa mga nanay na naiinip pag nagaantay, ito na ang sagot pinagsama na ang hardware at kainan sa iisang Lugar. Full article at reserved to Kelly Biasong

  • 0 Shop, dine under same roof at premier pet-friendly hub in town

    MANILA, Philippines — When dinning meets shopping, there comes a new concept to town: a combined restaurant and retail store. The BuildPlus+ and Megawatt Pizza & Steak, where you can shop and dine under the same roof, marked their grand opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday, July 16. RIBBON CUTTING. RIBBON CUTTING. Present at the event were Councilor Nikki Crisologo and Congressman Onyx Crisologo as well as Atty. Larry Gadon and Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) spokesperson Celine Pialago who gave their speech. SPEECH. MMDA spokesperson Celine Pialago gave her speech during the grand opening of Megawatt x BuildPlus+ SPEECH. Atty. Larry Gadon gave his speech during the grand opening of Megawatt x BuildPlus+ The BuildPlus+ is the official concept store of INGCO Power Tools that are devoted to making professional quality tools (with European Standards) affordable. More than just tools, it also has lighting fixtures and accessories, kitchen and homeware products, and branded car care necessities. Aside from shopping, you can feast on electrifyingly good food at their in-house dining concept Megawatt. Kagoshima Steak Skewers priced at Php 348.00 Truffled Carbonara priced at Php 325.00 Megawatt House Fried Chicken. (L-R) Megawatt House Fried Chicken, Truffled Carbonara, and Kagoshima Steak Skewers. For more, here’s the menu which also includes a keto option on select meals and a special keto selection: MEGAWATT'S MENU 1 of 5     Photo Courtesy: Megawatt Pizza & Steak Photo Courtesy: Megawatt Pizza & Steak Photo Courtesy: Megawatt Pizza & Steak Photo Courtesy: Megawatt Pizza & Steak Photo Courtesy: Megawatt Pizza & Steak                   But wait, do you want to know a secret? When you take a visit, look underneath the table to discover their secret menu. Photo Courtesy: Megawatt Pizza & Steak What makes it even more friendly to almost everyone, they’d love to see your “fur-babies” as well! Visit them now on 686 Banawe Street in Brgy. Siena, Quezon City. Megawatt is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. While BuildPlus+ is open daily from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. LOCATION. 686 Banawe Street, Brgy. Siena, Quezon City Full article at Copyrights reserved to Alex Garbo of The Philippine Catalog

  • 0 Build, Shop, and Dine | Megawatt Pizza & Steak

    • Reviews
    • by Hungry Herl
    • 07/15/2019

    Would you imagine a restaurant inside the hardware? The concept is good, considering that for a woman like me, I can get easily bored inside a construction shop. That's why I think Megawatt Pizza and Steaks' concept is created because we don’t have the patience to wait for our dad or husband to finish their shopping. So, there’s a reason for us to wait for them by eatiiiiing! Megawatt is a concept restaurant inside BuildPlus which is a construction/hardware suppliers. They cater mostly families and are located in the area of Banawe, Quezon City where most of the establishments here are for man. The restaurant’s main design is its hardware products ranging from different tools, lightings, electricals, and many more. Aside from this, they also supply restaurant needs like milk tea containers, samgyupsal materials, utensils, and the like. So basically, the overall interior is made up of the products which they usually sell to customers. Now, let’s go back to their menu. Megawatt’s dishes are really impressive because of what they currently offer to customers. They have pizzas, burgers, steaks, keto diet meals, and even a secret menu. To give you an idea, here’s what we had:Nacho-ordinary Nachos (P255)Wanton chips with lotsa toppings! Actually, this one was surprisingly good and still crisp despite that it was exposed in the air for a long time. Megawatt Chicken Poppers (P168)Aside from the nacho, this one is also a good starter. The chicken skin can be coated with original, parmesan or buffalo flavor. Superrr loved this actually tasted good. Keto Classic Big Angus Slider (P294)For burger addict who wanted to undergo Keto diet. This burger is huge and I think can be shared. 2pcs. Megawatt House Fried Chicken with Extra Waffle (P334)I super adored their fried chicken because of two things; it's tasty and crispy! I'd highly recommend this if you want a good old fried chicken with an extra waffle on the side for a nice contrast. Crab Tomalley Over Shiratake Noodles (P358)Another Keto dish in Megawatt. This dish is made up of creamy crab fat and Japanese noodles. Don't feel guilty because you won't definitely indulge with carbs on this. Pepperoni Pizza (P312)One pizza flavor that I like is pepperoni because of its simplicity and Megawatt's version was relatively salty but tasty which I liked. Cheese..Cheese..Cheese..Cheese! (P335)If you are a cheese lover, then this one is fer you! Made up of mozzarella, parmesan, gruyere & feta cheese topped with white sauce. Tomahawk Pork Chops with Cilantro Rice (P498)One of the food items that I was looking forward to trying here. This variety belongs to "Rub Your Own" where we chose our rub and meat. The meat of the tomahawk was tender and the juice was oozing in every bite. Definitely, a must order here! Lick Iced Tea (P138-P158 each)To cleanse of our palette, they also offered us Lick Iced Tea in different flavors. I liked the Peach on but also found the new variant of Island Mango quite interesting to taste because it's made up of best cultivated Philippine mangoes. Hardware shops shouldn’t be boring. With Buildplus, you can actually kill time by eating good food at Megawatt. Overall, I still loved the experience here knowing that there’s a place where I could bring my husband or dad.Megawatt Pizza and SteakFacebook: Hours: Mon to Sun (11am-11pm) Full article at Copyrights reserved to Hungry Herl

  • 0 Build, Shop and Dine at BuildPlus + Megawatt Banawe, QC

    • Reviews
    • by Sand Under My Feet
    • 07/07/2019

    There’s so many concept stores popping in every part of Metro Manila, but I dare ask you guys if you have seen a place where you can get building products, kitchenware and a restaurant all in one place? Not a new concept perhaps as IKEA has that under their belt, but a full-blown restaurant inside a one-stop-shop for your home? I guess not.   One Sunday afternoon I found myself riding with my friends to Banawe Quezon City to visit this new, innovative concept store named BuildPlus + Megawatt which opened last May 2019. Btw, a concept store is, by definition, a place where new ideas are put together in a bid to enhance the shopper experience and increase sales. In addition, many concept stores offer experimental elements such as a café or exhibition space, enhancing their appeal to those shoppers seeking a particular lifestyle. BuildPlus+ is a build, shop and dine concept that offers the everyday and professional home and kitchen improvers who are looking for a unique and value for money construction and kitchen tools store, BuildPlus+ is the only retail hub that operates as a one-stop shop for different arrays of items ranging from quality tools, lighting fixtures and accessories to car care necessities and kitchen and homeware products.         They are the official concept store in the area of INGCO brand of Power Tools and Equipment -- a renowned quality tools with European Standards. We carry the complete line of products of INGCO. BuildPlus+ also do carry some other brands including: Extreme Brand of Tools and Equipment, Jr. Kawasaki Tools, Bosny Spray Paints and Hardware Products, FireStop - Portable Fire Extinguisher, Meguiar's Car Care Products, CleanPRO / PandS / TAC (Car Care Chemicals and necessities), Kitchen Circle (Kitchenware necessities), FSL and Philip's Lighting, ROYU and Firefly Lighting Accessories, ONDOY boats (rescue and re-creational heavy duty plastic boats), Unique lighting fixtures and many more!     What sets their concept apart from the other home hardware retailers is that they have integrated 2 of the most frequent activities all of us do which is shopping and dining! Under the same roof is their full-blown dining store named Megawatt - Pizza and Steak, a powerplant inspired restaurant that offers succulent steaks as well as awesome pizzas, burgers, chickens and more!  Not only that, Megawatt is also offering diners an option to have a Keto upgrade on select meals and a special Keto-selection on the menu.     Of course, we looked around the store and found some very interesting products. Gosh I had to stop myself from buying stuff so we just enjoyed the food that they offer with their restaurant side of the business which included:       Nacho Ordinary Nachos – Megawatt use pizza chips for their nachos instead of the usual nacho chips or wonton which make it tastier.   Chicharon Bulaklak – deep-fried ruffled fat that is a popular Filipino appetizer. Surprisingly you can eat this if you’re on a Keto diet as this is high in fat. Well as a Pinay who love street food, I can never say no to this, on diet or not haha! Megawatt House Fried Chicken with Waffle – this ain't no house that fried chicken built; only fried chicken built on the house. The chicken was tasty, tender and juicy. The skin was crispy too! These were paired with waffles, a very Southern USA flavor. Oh and by the way their gravy is refillable, so go ahead and indulge!     Tomahawk Pork Chops with Cilantro Rice – this is for the meat lover and probably the star of this lunch. A long, bone-in chop, cut from the middle of the loin and down through the rib. It's tender and packed with flavor. We tried this with cilantro rice and man that two is a power tandem. Love this dish!   Pepperoni Pizza – cracker thin 12 in (diameter) crispy cracker crust pizza baked with cheese on the edges. This one has pepperoni ham toppings on it. I like the thin crust pizza as long as it’s not that crispy. This one is just right not hard or crispy and not soft too.   Cheese Pizza – cracker thin 12 in (diameter) crispy cracker crust pizza baked with cheese on the edges. This one has Parmesan, Mozzarella, Gruyère & Feta cheese on white sauce. I love this, simple but packed with flavor.   Sunny Side Bacon on Crust Croizza – 10 inches by x 5 inches croissant au pizza. It’s flaky, crusty dough-fection! No more wasted end crust. I actually like this and it’s a perfect brunch or snack dish Crab Tomalley Over Shirataki Noodles – one the keto dishes at Megawatt. Made with creamy crab fat on Japanese konjac yam noodles. This is a very interesting dish as it’s pasta but it doesn’t contain any carbohydrate in it! The taste is very seafood flavor which I totally dig!   Megawatt Chicken Poppers – original flavor chicken pops, one of the many good starters at Megawatt. Buy the way you can order this in original, parmesan or buffalo flavor.   Keto Burger – made with Angus beef and instead of bun, it is sandwiched with lettuce leaves and paired with Keto Fries which is made of mozzarella sticks coated with ground almonds with Cajun seasoning.   Lick Iced Tea and Lick Island Mango – refreshing fruit tea flavors. The peach one was my favorite. The new Lick Island mango flavor is made from the sweetest & best cultivated Philippine Mangoes. Definitely an island paradise in a bottle!   Chupa Chups Drink – remember your favorite lollipop flavors from Chupa-Chups? Now it comes in refreshing strawberry and grapes flavor.   And did I mention that their store is pet friendly? Oh yes! You can bring your doggos with you while you shop and dine, just be sure to clean up after them and they are behaved. My friend brought her pupper and the people from Megawatt even gave her a doggy bowl where my friend put some water and food for her fur baby. Lovely!   BUILDPLUS + MEGAWATT686 Banawe St. Brgy. Siena, Quezon CityContact Nos: (02)971-0389 ; 0917-182-7583 Email: / Facebook: Instagram: article at reserved to Sand Under My Feet

  • 0 Megawatt Banawe, QC

    • Reviews
    • by Always Hungry PH
    • 07/04/2019

    We probably all desire a different dining experience as much as we could with the thousands of restaurant options around us. BuildPlus+ understands that and delivers a unique build, shop and dine concept in Banawe, Quezon City. This establishment carries small construction equipment, kitchen tools, lighting fixtures, and accessories to car care necessities, among others. I didn’t purchase anything on this visit, but I would probably do so soon since I just bought a new home. I did eat here through their food brand, Megawatt, a pizza and steak place. For worth the calorie starters, have the Bacon Bomb with oozing cheese and the Nacho Ordinary Nachos in pita chips. These are well thought of appetizers. The USDA Dry-Aged Porterhouse is a must order. It’s a 600-gram succulent steak at Php 3,225 only, suitable to satisfy up to 4 hungry carnivores! This plate gives you cuts of meat plus tidbits of fat for a more flavorful spin. I also highly recommend Megawatt’s best selling 12-Spiced Boneless House Fried Chicken. It’s crisp, well-seasoned and comes with a pitcher of thick gravy. Get ready to eat more rice because of this. Have more meat options! Order the really thick and savory Tomahawk Pork Chops. Surprisingly for more than an inch height, it was still soft and tender. For filling meals, go for Megawatt’s trio of pizza crusts! They have the Cracker Thins, Hand-Tossed and the Croizza, a flaky croissant base. The Volt Meater was most impressive. It was tasty from bottom to toppings, thanks to the generous Angus beef chunks, pepperoni, and bacon on red sauce. Finally, for Keto enthusiasts, they have the fat-enriched Keto Burger with side fries made up of three kinds of cheese. You can also have Keto upgrade on selected meals. Do you work or reside near Banawe or nearby? Take advantage of Megawatt’s American offerings amidst the usual Asian picks in the area. Full article at Copyrights reserved to Always Hungry PH


    • Reviews
    • by Grace Gets Happy
    • 06/26/2019

    Amp up your appetite and stomach capacity for mouthwatering good food and sinfully tasty selections at Megawatt Pizza & Steak! I’m a true blue Gilmore Girls fan so I have a unique, special relationship with comfort food such as burgers, fries, steak, waffles, pizza—these are the holy grail of the heavenly Luke’s Diner menu offerings that’s absolutely perfect for me. Imagine my jaw dropping when I found out that I can enjoy all of these things at Megawatt Pizza & Steak and more. I might have shed happy tears. <img class="emoji" draggable="false" src="" alt="