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0 Get Charged Up At Megawatt Pizza & Steak

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  • by Kristian Marfori
  • 07/31/2019

I have been craving for some American food. You can’t blame me since I lived in Arizona and I love some good old American food every once in a while. We have a lot of engineers from my dad side of the family and they love to eat good food while shopping for tools. Back in the states, got Home Depot and I’m looking for a spot similar to that.

Megawatt Pizza & Steak is the perfect joint to actually look for all your handyman tools at the same time and get some good Tex-Mex food at the same time. This homegrown restaurant, I have to talk about some of their best food dishes and it’s quite epic.

Volt-Meater Pizza
This is what I recommend everyone to try! I love pizza but this pizza is indescribable! I think I found this pizza much more delicious than all the Pizza joints in Manila combined! A MUST TRY! It just cost around P385
Tomahawks Pork Chops 
Just the name of this food already started to make me crave for it. The pork chop is soft and juicy! Trust me guys. You will order more than one Tomahawk! This cost just P498. Totally worth it!
Bacon Bombs 
Just like the name says. It’s the bomb! I won’t get into the details but give it a try for P238
Sunny Side Bacon on Crust 
The perfect meal for breakfast or brunch! It’s one of their bestsellers. It gets you in a good mood before you start your day. This cost P280
Megawatt House Fried Chicken
They also got their own chicken! It’s just P245
Classic Big Angus Slider 
Check out this slider! You just need to add P49 for Keto Fries and Lettuce wrap
The Megawatt Meal!

Let’s take a look at the store! It’s great t for some Instagrammable shots. From the moment you enter the restaurant, you just can’t stop taking photos or videos!
Look out for this sign!
Entrance to Megawatt
Where the magic happens
I love this door!
Some of the handyman tools that you can buy
Let’s get to work fellas!
The place looks great!
Newfound friends

Megawatt Pizza & Steak

  • Address:  686 Banawe Street (14.69 mi) Quezon City, Philippines 1114
  • Parking Available: Yes but just a few
  • Customer Service: Really good!
  • WiFi: N/A
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 11AM-11PM
  • Mobile Signal: Good!
  • Pets Allowed: Yes
  • Smoking: Outside the Restaurant
  • Bathrooms: Inside the Resturant
  • Facebook: Megwatt Pizza & Steak

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