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0 Megawatt Pizza and Steak x Build Plus

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  • by Alyssa Tuangco
  • 09/22/2019

Who would have thought that having two entirely different hobbies could make it into one place? As some of you have heard, Megawatt finally opened their branch at Banawe where it's partnered with Build Plus! For all the Father out there whose hobby is collecting or buying stuff for DIY, you can now bring your whole family and dine while you buy!

Megawatt Pizza and Steak is one of the best places to dine with your family and friends or even friends who are on KETO diet! Yup, you hear it right they also cater to those who are on Keto Diet or if you just want to try it out you too can have a go. They are currently located at 686 Banawe Street beside China Bank and in front of Maki Haus. The place has two floors, Megawatt is located on the first floor.



There are limited tables so make sure to come by early to score one. Let's check out their menu!


Let's start off with their drinks, they have a variety of Lick Iced Tea and the ones we have is the Mango and Sakura. It is actually their best seller here. I recommend the Mango flavor, it has a subtle sweetness to it and taste the richness of the mango. By the way, if you are looking for it in the market I think they sell this one in Trinoma. It's only limited in groceries.


When I say a pizza is good, I really mean it. Their hand-tossed pizza is one of the best I've tasted so far! With regards to the dough, you can taste how full and thick it is unlike others where it's airy. With one slice I can say it already made me full! The sauce and toppings are also good, smokey and a little bit spicy. It consists of BBQ pulled-pork with red onions and red sauce. You can also let them know if you'd like to have keto pizza so hey can change their dough.


Three-layered crispy lasagna! This may look like a regular lasagna to you, but it will make you full. They give so much generosity when it comes to ingredients and portions. The lasagna even if you don't touch it after 30 minutes of serving is still good and it doesn't get soggy. It tastes a bit sweet and the sauce is heavenly. There's a generous amount of meat with the sauce.


If you are looking for a worthy bacon bomb, then you need to visit now! I know it's just cheese and bacon, but have you seen how big this is?! For 238 pesos there are, I think, 8-9pcs of bacon bomb! Enjoy it while it's hot!


If you want a little "Boujee" pulutan with your friends, then this aged porterhouse fits you. They have 2 types you can choose from, rub your own, or pre-seasoned. For the rub your own you can either choose honey garlic or Mediterranean spiced.

Meat to choose from:
- Kagoshima Steak Skewers
- Tomahawk Porkchops
- Meltique Steak
- 380g USDA Choice Grade Rib-Eye
- 600g aged porterhouse

For the pre-seasoned here are the meat options:
- Smoked Duck Steak
- Baby Back Ribs
- 600g Aged Porterhouse with Truffle Sea Salt

Personally, this one did not give a wow factor, the meat is also a little dry. Although I liked it when it's paired with their own sauce, which is also keto-friendly. The meat on top was crunchy, maybe if they add a little more seasoning it would be great.


Their house fried chicken is the bomb! It's a fillet and I must say I did enjoy the taste and seasoning. It has that pungent smell and kick to it. I'm not sure how many spices they added in here but it's like a party in your mouth. You can also pair it with a side or two.


Aside from the regular pizza, they also have a Croizza which is a croissant pizza. We had the sunny side bacon on crust where the yolk is cooked but the egg white around it is still half-cooked. You can enjoy this as a snack!

On the right side is the one I'm curious about. I saw other diners here try this pasta and at first, I thought it was a cheese pasta but it's actually a crab tomalley noodles! This one is their only keto pasta where they used Shirataki noodles. I have really no idea about the texture of the noodles but I was ready to dig in. If you are wondering what it tastes like, your tastebuds will immediately taste the crab sauce as it is rich. However, it needed a little more seasoning just for me. A little dash of salt and pepper will do it right. Now for the noodles, it's texture is like jelly and I did have a little bit of a hard time chewing it, but it eventually grew on me.


Another good thing about Megawatt is they cater to people who are on Keto diet. They have regular burgers here but if you want to change to Keto you can add 49 pesos and they will serve the burger with lettuce wrap and keto fries. I actually liked the flavor and ingredients they have here. The burger patty is thick, however a tad dry.

I really do recommend Megawatt to families and friends. They serve dishes that are worth trying and worth the price. 
Food - *clap clap clap for Megawatt. I liked most of what they served and everything tasted good! My top picks would be the pizza, bacon bomb, lasagna, and chicken.
Price - If you think about how generous the servings are then the price is justified. As for an average person like me (kuripot pa), I might dine here maybe once a month or every 2 months. Serving - Hands down, they are generous with the ingredients!!!
Ambiance - The branding is on point, everything you see from the menu to the staff's uniform is related to build plus and megawatt. I liked the idea of the place and it's chill here.
Parking - You might think it's hard to find a parking space but good thing they have 4 slots available in front.
686 Banawe Street Quezon City
Open daily from 11am - 11pm